How a “Goos-Fin” works ?

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A removable all aluminum tool to attach on the 1 1/2″ wide keel of your existing goose decoy to add variable right , left , up and back movement when placed in a water with current preferably river or stream. Where without the Goos-Fin your decoy might not appear appealing to a waterfowl in the wild. Included with the Goos-Fin is a short length of surgical tubing and two clasps to attach directly on the decoy then the weighted hard line to add even more flexibility and movement.
The Goos-Fin is made of a 3/8″ thick solid aluminum plate and measures 12″ long. The body of the Goos-Fin is also machined from a 1 7/8 square solid piece of aluminum. At just over 1 lb. it’s lightweight is no burden for an regular sized goose decoy. It secures to a 1-1/2″ wide goose decoys keel with two supplied two pointed tipped 1/8″ allen set screws and matching all aluminum nuts for a nice secure fit. In addition to all needed hardware the is an included length of surgical tubing and claps’ to use on the decoys weighted anchor line to add even more movement ! Great deal !!!

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